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Shake A Leg With Your Baby-To-Be - At Gachibowli

Antenatal Classes

At the Birthplace, Banjara Hills and Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Sign up for our prenatal classes - especially created for expecting couples like you! From Prenatal Yoga to Newborn Care and Breastfeeding, our fun pregnancy sessions are informative and a great way to meet our antenatal experts as well as other couples just like you. The more you are prepared for your baby's birth, the better and more confident you'll feel during your delivery - so, scroll down to sign up for your favourite prenatal class today!

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Shake A Leg With Your Baby-To-Be - At Gachibowli

Who said exercising can't be fun? At this workshop our expert, Ms. Mani Pavithra will guide you on how to move to your favourite tunes and tone your muscles for an easy labour. Our expert will take you through a high energy routine  that will help you strengthen your calf, thigh & shoulder muscles as well as your lower back & pelvic floor. Here's a great chance to bring  your partner along to swirl for your first family dance!