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On-boarding Happy Hygienic Vagina!

The Birthplace


Glowing skin, shiny hair, manicured hands and slim body, nail the priority list of every woman. Crazy enough, shuttling amidst all these concerns we miss out on something. Let’s face it. Our vaginas are just amazing ecosystems which need the same pint of love and hugs from us as other parts do.

Vaginas, for long, have been much undercover and a lot has been said about it. Sigh.

No more fiction. No more stories. Let facts do the talking today!

1. The vagina is a self-cleaning system and does not require external cleansers…. or does it?

While it is a fact that vaginas clean themselves, using plain, un-perfumed soaps to wash the area around the vagina gently every day is a good new school mantra.

Washing vagina the correct way is important in maintaining a healthy pH balance while also preventing infections. A normal pH is under the bracket of 3.5-4.5 is perfect for the vaginal environment.

Wash your vagina before washing your anus and use a different clothe to wipe it. Doing this ensures anal germs do not disturb the vaginal area which can be the underlying reason for catching urinary tract infections. Keep calm, you will feel fresh!


  • Don't use soap inside your vagina.

  • Do not use a loofah, it may tear off the skin.

2. Is dryness becoming an awful discomfort?

Remember, those dull days when dryness down there made the day too tough?Time to clear the clouds now! Petroleum jelly is a wonderful moisturiser to use on the vulva after bathing and can be used anytime for comfort.

Do not use petroleum jelly with condoms—it can break down the condom so it gets holes in it.

You can also use coconut, mineral, or olive oil which have a neutralised pH and function as great moisturisers. Aloe Vera, grandma’s remedy for skin care, and vulva have been found to be great buddies! Furthermore, it can be used for genital skin aggravation, similar to herpes, and it's insignificant rundown of advantages incorporates a two of every one regular ointment and cream.

Word of Caution!

Remember to use pure forms of these products to avoid any damage!

3. A little too humid?

Talcum Powder Helps You Keep It Dry. Make it an everyday after-bath practice to apply some talc on your vagina. This will help you keep your vagina clean and dry for hours.  Humid vulva and microbes can be painful mates which will make you a walking-gynec appointment. Let it breathe!

Looking for one-on-one counselling?

4. Under the weather?

Unsweetened yogurt might help you provide a cooling sensation when applied to the vulva but it doesn't show any magical powers to fight it out. Anti fungal treatments are recommended as a follow up.


Make sure you use unsweetened yogurt as added sugar in the yogurt will help the bacteria to multiply and worsen the condition.

Welcome to the Freaky Clean Squad! Do you have more questions regarding your Vagina? Reach out to us!