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Follicular Studies

Why Are Follicular Studies Recommended?

This scan is recommended if you have been trying to get pregnant , especially if you have not succeeded after trying for many months.

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How does a Follicular Study Help?

Follicular studies are usually carried out using Ultrasound.

Follicular studies  help determine any problems that may be the root cause of why you are not getting pregnant. Using this scan, the doctor will be able to identify problems if any, associated with the growth and rupturing of the follicle. The scan can also detect any problems with the womb lining which may be one of the reasons that make it difficult to conceive. This scan can help in preventing and correcting these conditions. Follicular tracking is an excellent way of understanding your ovulation cycle .

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A Follicular scan is usually scheduled on day 10 of the cycle day (Day 1 being the first day of your period).

This scan is also beneficial for:

  • Women who do not know or are unsure of their ovulation cycle.

  • Understanding the reason behind multiple miscarriages.

  • Women who are under medication to induce the ovulation process.

You can try and time your efforts at the right time to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

The PCPNDT Act prohibits the determination of the gender of the fetus. It is illegal and will not be performed at the Birthplace. No form of genetic profiling or advice or consultation will be given based on this scan. 

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Our regular price for the scan is Rs. 1,000