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Gestational Diabetes


Why should diabetes during pregnancy not be neglected?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy and impaired glucose tolerance increases the risk of Gestational Diabetes. This occurs in about 9% of all pregnancies.

Moms who are overweight before becoming pregnant; those who've had a family history of diabetes; those who have given birth to a stillborn baby before and moms who have given birth to a baby of over 9 pounds before must be extra careful.

Diabetes can affect the developing fetus throughout the pregnancy. However, don't worry! With proper treatment, you can deliver a healthy baby despite having diabetes.

Small changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in controlling your diabetes. Diet also plays an important role in managing diabetes during pregnancy.

Don't worry! You’re experiencing the most beautiful 9 months of your life and Dr. Girija is here to guide you!

Meet Dr. Girija, MS (ObGyn)


It's not surprising that the same patients who call on Dr. Girija for advice and assurance, also chance upon a good friend in her. Not only is she warm and caring - her genuine readiness to listen and understand, make her the type of person you'd want to stick to, through various phases of your life. 

Dr. Girija is trained in hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. Her expertise in management of high-risk pregnancies including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia is something that makes her a very sort after clinician. She also helped hundreds of women successfully manage symptoms of poly-cystic ovary syndrome, uterine fibroids  and even menopause related issues through medical and surgical interventions.


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