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Have A Wonderful Delivery With Lamaze!

When you’re pregnant, it’s quite natural for you to be overwhelmed with information from everyone – your gynecologist, your mother, the Internet, your friendly neighbor, and your friendly neighbor’s aunt! Of course, what everyone wants is nothing but the best for you and your baby.

That is where childbirth education (Lamaze) steps in. While the Lamaze method itself is a set of exercises and breathing techniques to help you have an easier labor and delivery, Lamaze (or childbirth education) provides you with so much more – it empowers you with knowledge of how your body is deigned for birth, teaches you various ways with which you can manage your pain naturally during labor and helps you decide what advise is best for yourself and your baby by informing you of advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Birthplace regularly organizes Lamaze classes, childbirth preparation sessions, one-on-one consultations with certified Lamaze experts and childbirth educators. The Birthplace also provides you with a birth partner, should you request it during your delivery! Check out our upcoming Lamaze  and childbirth education sessions below and sign up today to have a wonderful delivery with Lamaze!

Sign Up For Our Lamaze Sessions!

"Shyamoli & I thankfully attended the Lamaze classes at Birthplace, not knowing the incredible amount of help we were to gain, in the days to come. While pregnancy is a phase of inhibitions and doubts, the Lamaze classes helped us move along very confidently. I recommend this to expecting couples so that they are able to better handle stress-filled days, in an informed manner."

- Shyamoli & Nitin (delivered a beautiful baby at the Birthplace on 2nd February)

Meet Our Expert

Latika is a passionate childbirth educator certified by the International Childbirth Education Association. She shares their philosophy of freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives. Latika believes that a woman should be informed of the pros and cons of all her options during pregnancy and childbirth, so that she can make her own best choices. She also teaches exercises and conditioning, natural pain relief methods & breastfeeding techniques. 

What do you learn in Lamaze?

  1. Build confidence in yourself for your pregnancy, labor and delivery
  2. How to prepare yourself to push for a normal birth
  3. Breathing techniques and exercises to cope with pain naturally
  4. How to involve your husband or Birth Partner during labor and delivery
  5. What a Birth Plan is and how you can prepare one along with your gynecologist