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Overcoming Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

Overcoming Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

High Blood pressure during pregnancy can affect around 6-8% of all pregnant women and in severe cases could lead to pre-eclampsia.

First-time moms, moms with high blood pressure or kidney disease before pregnancy, moms carrying multiple babies and moms with age less than 20 or greater than 40 should be careful of acquiring hypertension during pregnancy.

Hypertension can be detected when your doctor checks your BP levels, urine and blood during your prenatal check ups. Other tests for kidney and blood clotting functions can also determine this condition. It is important to not ignore hypertension as it can prevent blood supply to the placenta and your baby might not get enough food and oxygen leading to low-birth weight.

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If its mild: If you are close to your due date and your baby is developed enough, your doctor might get you to deliver as soon as possible. You will also be advised to lie on your left side, increase prenatal check ups, reduce salt intake and drink 8 glasses of water a day.

If its severe: Your doctor will treat you to blood pressure medication until your well enough to deliver the baby.

Though there is no fool-proof way to prevent this, following your prescribed diet and exercises can help. Also if hypertension during pregnancy is detected and treated early, you can easily deliver a healthy baby.

Don't worry! You’re experiencing the most beautiful 9 months of your life and Dr. Girija is here to guide you!

Meet Dr. Girija, MS (ObGyn)


Dr. Girija has many years of experience across Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility, Ultrasonography and General Surgery. At the Birthplace, she interacts, coaches and takes patients through all the stages of their fertility treatments up to safe delivery & postnatal care.

A mother of an eight year old, she credits her child for making her so caring and a good listener, appreciating the value of each and every question they ask. What is truly remarkable about her is the way she balances her family and her busy profession, taking care to give the best of her energetic self to both. She shares a close relationship with all her patients and provides the perfect support to Birthplace's commitment to personalised care. 



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