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Painful Periods

Do You Suffer From Painful Periods? Here's some relief!

  • Never take pain-killers unless they are prescribed by your doctor - pain is common during periods, especially for young women.

  • If the pain is mild or moderate, try simple home remedies such as taking rest or avoiding spicy or salty food in the few days before your periods.

  • Stick to your exercise schedule and maintain a healthy diet - it really helps in reducing the severity of pain during your periods!

  • If nothing helps, take an appointment with your gynecologist and meet her soon!

Join 100s Of Women Who Got Relief From Menstrual Problems At The Birthplace.

Meet Dr. Jyotsna, MD (ObGyn)

Dr. Jyotsna.jpg

Dr. Jyotsna has an active clinical practice that focuses on preventive women's health and the management of menstrual issues in women of all ages. Her calm and methodical approach is highly appreciated by not only her patients, but also her peers in the medical community. She is an expert in gynecological endoscopy and her special interest lies in minimally invasive surgical techniques for hysterectomies and in the management of uterine fibroids.


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