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Physiotherapy Sessions

Ease your Muscles. Lose your Worries.

Build your strength and Stamina right from pregnancy to childbirth!


Labor is the most important part of a pregnancy and not enough women care to prepare for it. The strain you go through during labor can greatly affect your baby, and it is always best to be prepared for the big day.

Physiotherapy is something that can make the entire process of labor so much easier. It aims not only at your recovery but enhances your body’s ability to have a smooth and easy delivery. It will allow you to strengthen your pelvic muscles and help you increase your mobility which in turn will decrease the amount of pain you suffer.

Pain, especially in the lower back, is the number one physical complaint from pregnant women. Fortunately, regular physiotherapy sessions can help lessen the pain while actually preparing you up for an easier labor.

Visit the Birthplace to consult our Physiotherapist for a Pre & Postnatal Physiotherapy plan at 30% off our regular price of Rs. 3,000!

Physiotherapy Consultation Package

A package of 4 sessions with our experienced Physiotherapist. Three consultations during pregnancy and one consultation post-delivery for faster recovery.

These consultations will help you to

  • Build your body’s core stability to help prevent and treat back pain during and following pregnancy

  • To correctly perform Kegel exercises which will help strengthen the pelvic floor in preparation for childbirth

  • Practice pelvic floor exercises which can help you learn how to push effectively during childbirth. Pushing correctly will decrease your chances of pelvic floor trauma and subsequent problems

  • Avoid problems such as incontinence, pain during intercourse, and pelvic organ relapse which may arise from trauma to the pelvic floor during labor

Get 30% off on Your Physiotherapy Sessions!
Our regular price for the package is Rs. 3,000