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Planning a Baby? (The Birthplace)

Thinking about having a baby?

Wondering why you're not pregnant in-spite of trying to conceive for a while now?

Don't stress-out if you don't get pregnant right away! Very few women get pregnant as soon as they start planning. Couples usually have to try conceiving for a few months before they are successful. If you have trouble conceiving even after six months of trying, it is very important that you don't get frustrated and disheartened - you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well staying positive and following good preconception care works! 

Preconception care and counselling is when you can talk to your Gynecologist about your nutritional habits, medical conditions, and about any factors that could be preventing you from getting pregnant. A pre-pregnancy check may be a very good idea especially if you have any underlying medical conditions that may pose a risk to you or your baby during your pregnancy. Talking to your gynecologist before you start trying for a baby will definitely improve your chances in getting pregnant!


Don't forget to make a detailed list of questions for your gynecologist before you meet her!


Right from the time you start planning a baby till your delivery and beyond, the Birthplace has everything that you need when you plan your baby. Through fertility specialists, pregnancy information, preconception and prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum support, we are here to make sure your pregnancy is an unforgettable experience and a happy, healthy one. We look forward to playing a role in your pregnancy journey and birth celebration!  

Your first step towards planning  your family is to make sure you and your partner are healthy. The healthier you are while you plan your pregnancy, the more likely you are to have a healthy baby! Visit the Birthplace to meet our friendly gynecologists who have spoken to hundreds of couples like you and get your pre-pregnancy check at 40% off our regular price of Rs. 6,670!

Get 40% off on Your Pre-Pregnancy Check!
Our regular price for 8 tests and a consultation is Rs. 6,670.

The Birthplace Pre-Pregnancy Check

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Blood Grouping

  • Random Blood Sugar

  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

  • HIV Screening

  • Hepatitis B Screening

  • Rubella IgG Antibodies Screening

  • Pap Smear & Consultation


Isn't the Birthplace a place I come to after I get pregnant? If I have trouble conceiving, shouldn't I be going to a specialized infertility center?

Well, you're almost correct! Of course the Birthplace is the best place to deliver your baby when you know you're pregnant. However, unlike infertility centers, where you may be strongly recommended to opt for costly and extensive surgical or other intensive interventions (such as IVF treatment), at the Birthplace, you can be rest assured that we will first try to address the basic issues where we may even find that your problem is quite simple and can easily be addressed with something so simple as a diet and lifestyle change. Most people just have trouble conceiving and are not "infertile" - even if you haven't been able to conceive for over 6 months. You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that fewer than 3% of couples with infertility issues actually require IVF

The Birthplace is here is help you deliver healthy babies! We'll be with you every step of the way - right from helping you connect with the best doctor to help you with a diagnosis, to giving you the best preconception care and counseling. For issues that can be corrected by lifestyle changes, we have certified fitness experts and nutritionists  associated with us to get you right on track. Moreover, the Birthplace has regular and interactive classes on "preconception care" - with everyone from gynecologists to nutritionists available to answer all your questions! So, sign up now and get started on your journey to have a baby!