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We are located at: The Birthplace, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Call us at: +91-40-4520-8108 or +91-40-6713-9999

Email us at: contactus@thebirthplace.com

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Pricing Policy


At the Birthplace, our goal is to provide patients with high quality care and the best possible hospital experience, from registration through discharge. Understanding the cost of your hospital visits, medical treatments, details of your hospital bill, insurance policy terms and medical records may seem overwhelming at times. To make this process more transparent and help patients fully understand the cost of their treatment at the Birthplace, we will make available price quotes in advance of services being provided and as requested by the patient or her immediate family.


Our patient counselors welcome questions and are available to provide assistance related to your pregnancy, gynecological or childrens' health issue. To obtain a price quote for our services, please contact the Customer Engagement Team at the Birthplace, Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m through our email address (contactus@thebirthplace.com) or telephone number (+91 40 6713 9999). So that our estimates are as accurate as possible, please provide:

  • Detailed description of the test(s) / procedure(s) being ordered by the doctor,
  • Doctor’s name and office phone number,
  • And insurance information (if any), including insurance company name and phone number, policy holder name and policy number located on the insurance card.

The hospital estimate will provide the patient / consumer with the following:

  • The estimated financial responsibility for the procedure / services based on the current hospital tariff for the procedure / services.
  • Estimates will not include any services related to complications that may occur during the procedure or service. Whenever charges for physician fees such as a surgeon, pathologist, anesthesiologist or radiologist are not included, the same shall be clearly highlighted on your estimate.
  • Patients with health insurance will be quoted an estimated amount that will be due to the hospital based on the terms and conditions established by their health insurance policy.

Due to the nature of clinical services and the needs of patients that vary from case to case and from time to time, estimates are not exact and cannot be interpreted as a bill or an exact final cost for services provided by the Birthplace. This service is offered to help simplify the financial aspect of hospital visits so patients are able to focus on their healthcare.

Online Payments

You may pay online through our website (https://www.thebirthplace.com) for outpatient and inpatient services at the Birthplace.

In case the payment made online only partially covers the final cost of all the services availed by you at the Birthplace, the balance amount shall be payable by you at the Birthplace as per the final bill provided to you at our hospital or clinic.

Given the breadth of our services across outpatient and inpatient visits to the Birthplace, the transaction amounts for online payments made through our website vary from Rs. 100 (Rupee One Hundred) to Rs. 3,00,000 (Rupees Three Lakh) per transaction.