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Yoga Helps You Prepare Your Body

Before And During Pregnancy, and After Your Delivery!


Yoga not only helps you prepare your body before pregnancy but it also helps in a smoother and easier delivery and helps your body heal and get back in shape post delivery.

Yoga exercises are ideal for women who are thinking about getting pregnant or having trouble conceiving. They focus on three main health benefits - reducing stress, improving circulation and increasing flexibility, especially the pelvis and hip. Yoga during preconception can help you kickstart a healthy pregnancy.

Many women opt for Yoga during pregnancy to be fit and healthy during the 9 months and beyond. From relaxation techniques that make you feel comfortable during labor, to exercises that help you open up your hips for childbirth, such as pelvic floor practices, Yoga helps you have an easy delivery and recovery!

Postnatal Yoga provides numerous emotional and physical benefits. Not only does it help in getting you back in shape, but it also helps you strengthen your muscles. 70% of women usually experience some degree of baby-blues - Yoga helps combat this by improving your mental health.

Take the first step now and schedule your Yoga session at the Birthplace  - ranked as the #1 hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Hyderabad in 2015 to 2017.

Book now and get 50% off  our regular price of Rs. 3,200 for the first month of Yoga session!


About the expert: 

At the Birthplace, we have the most qualified certified Prenatal Yoga Experts who not only guide you during your pregnancy, but also post delivery and before you decide to start a family. You will learn asanas and breathing techniques that will ensure an overall healthy mental and physical state.

Get 50% off on Your First Month Of Yoga Sessions!
Our regular price for the yoga classes is Rs. 3,200 per month.